Keep Your Holidays Happy: Be Safe!!!

Nothing ruins a great holiday or other party, celebration or vacation than the tragedy of an, accidental injury, death or other loss.

Help your employees, family and friends avoid having an avoidable accident run their holiday fun by sharing this poem from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

The clock is ticking and we’re down to the wire. 

Everything feels like it’s just caught on fire.

But, let’s be certain that isn’t true.

Keep your real trees watered and your plants too.

 The gift list keeps growing, everyone gets a toy

Tablets, e-readers and chargers, oh boy!

There are plenty of deals out here and out there,

If you’re buying online, be secure and aware.

Plenty of people with candles alight.

Might want to keep them from becoming a fright.

The way to do that is to keep them away.

From the things that could catch on fire some way.

The big day is near, you plan to travel some place.

But a big winter storm rears its big ugly face.

It might change your plans and keep you at home

But that’s better than going out in a snow dome.

The best thing to do is sit down to a feast,

Mashed potatoes and stuffing and a big old roast beast at least.

Keep an eye on them as they sit and they stew.

That way your dinner will be sure to woo.

When the day is over, the kids all in bed.

It’s time to settle into the comfy bedspread.

Turn out the holiday lights, their job is all done.

We hope your holiday’s a big happy one!

©2016 Cynthia Marcotte Stamer.  Non-exclusive license to republish granted to Solutions Law Press, Inc.® All rights reserved.