The Perfect Present: Inclusion

This holiday season, give the perfect present to a family member, friend, employee, co-worker or other person with allergies, speech, hearing, mobility, anxiety, religious, cultural any other difference or special  need: the gift of inclusion.

The only thing better than receiving the perfect gift is the joy a gift giver rxperiences watching the joyful surprise on the face of a recipient that receives one.  The same is true for holiday and other celebrations and events.

The most successful party and other event planners succeed because they make as many people as possible feel like the event was specifically planned for them.  

Hosts and other planners of parties or other events tend to plan events targeting their expectations of the  average guest.  Great planners elevate their events to great by going the extra mile to consider and when possible add little tweaks to do something special to acknowledge the uniqueness of each guest. 

This video of one Mall Santa’s embrace of the differences of a hearing impaired child  illustrates both how overlooked orunaccommodated  differences often prevent people from fully grasping a lesson or experience and how special flourishes or accommodations delivered to guests with disabilities, cultural, linquistic, religious or other differences makes the difference between marginalized attendance and joyful participation.   

It’s a lesson every party host, trainer, educator, employer or other event planner should keep in mind when planning their next party or event.