Listen To Dr. Strickland’s Commin Sense Health Fix Insights

Start cutting through the political hype around healtg reform by listening to real people on the front line:  the patients and doctors on the frontline.  Start by listening in here to Dr. Mike Strickland, who is making a difference in the treatment room and fighting for patients and their healthcare on the airways and in Washington, D.C.

Congress will never get health care policy right until regular people and health providers and the employers and communities caring for them get informed and involved.  

This is one Policy Debate too important to you, your family and your community to sit out or act on tag lines.  Get informed and share your specific ideas and thoughts about the Act and your other input on what our health care system should look like going forward, how these proposals relate and the other reforms you believe Congress should make to build a better healthcare system for today that can survive into the future by joining the discussion in the Solutions Law Press, Inc. Coalition for Responsible Health Care Policy LinkedIn Group

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