House Set To Vote on Phase 1 of Health Care Reform 2017 Thursday

Congress is scheduled to vote on American Health Care Act on Thursday.  See here.

The first package of the reforms Republicans are pursuing to repeal or reform the Obamacare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Act focuses on changing the revenue and tax components of the ACA.  Because of super-majority vote requirements in tge Ssnate, Republican leaders say  they intend to pursue through separate,  policy-focused healthcare reforms through separate packages of legislation coupled with regulatory reforms.

When introducing the Act, Speaker Ryan touted the Act as rescuing the US health care system from the ACA driving down costs, encouraging competition, and giving every American access to quality, affordable health insurance. 

Push past the rhetoric and form your own positions by reading the Act and getting other key information here.   While Speaker Ryan says some minor adjustments will be made before the vote, the original language otherwise is expected to pass the House in its original form.

Share your specific ideas and thoughts about the Act and your other input on what our health care system should look like going forward, how these proposals relate and the other reforms you believe Congress should make to build a better healthcare system for today that can survive into the future by joining the discussion in the Solutions Law Press, Inc. Coalition for Responsible Health Care Policy LinkedIn Group.