Effective Wellness Programs Possible Despite Tight Budgets

With tight budgets preventing many businesses from investing in wellness consulting resources, a tight budget doesn’t mean your company, church, or other group can’t have a thriving wellness program.  Wellness is a culture.   While the resources and advice of consultants and bells and whistles can be helpful sometimes, the inability to afford them doesn’t mean that your organization or group can’t have a healthy and effective wellness program. 
The key to promoting wellness in your workplace, organization or community is to promote a culture of healthy eating, movement and lifestyles.  Establish the culture by leading the way.  Make healthy food choices available at meetings.  Require or encourage your leadership to model good eating behavior.  Have a healthy pot luck and challenge employees to bring and share their tastiest, healthy dish.   
Encourage leaders and others to incorporate movement into the day.  Walking meetings and other inexpensive activities can help promote health with very little expense.  Encourage employees to walk in walk-a-thons, participate in running groups, participate in sports leagues or other similar activities.
Don’t overlook the wealth of available free resources.  Project COPE”s Play For Life Program relies upon a host of free often government provided resources.   Many great wellness tools are available from NIH and other government sources at little or no cost including the newly released NIH and the Weight of the Nation resources just made available by NIH here.
Project COPE: Coalition On Patient Empowerment & Coalition For Responsible Health Care Quality

Project COPE: Coalition on Patient Empowerment & the Coalition for Responsible Health Care Quality  are coalitions of individuals and organizations that share the belief that every American and American organization has a stake, and something to contribute to our ability to find and implement the best options for ensuring that the U.S. health care system provides quality, affordable health care.

Health care impacts every individual and every organization in America.  Consequently, every American citizen and organization including but not limited to health care providers, employers, insurer, and community organizations should take part.    The government, health care providers, insurers and community organizations can help by providing education and resources to make understanding and dealing with the realities of illness, disability or aging easier for a patient and their family, the affected employers and others. At the end of the day, however, caring for people requires the human touch.  Americans can best improve health care by not waiting for someone else to step up or speak up. 

Project COPE urges and invites each individual and organization speak up to help communicate and act to make health care work for themselves, their families and others when you can and share your input to help preserve and continue to develop real meaningful improvements to our health care system by joining Project COPE: Coalition for Patient Empowerment here by sharing ideas, tools and other solutions and other resources. 

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