Poor Planning & Execution Often Tank Wellness Programs

A new study reported in the Journal of American Medicine confirms that schools, employers and parents hoping to promote health and weight loss by cutting out sugared soda drinks need to ensure that other sugary drinks also are eliminated from the menu. See School Soda Bans Don’t Work.

The study highlights a common failure of many wellness efforts –  good intention with poor execution.  The reported findings of the study affirm what many others already show:  Even American’s trying to eat healthy don’t know how to make good choices. 

The study findings are illustrated by the wellness misstep shared with me by a friend.  Several years ago, the friend substituted juice drinks for soda, believing that juice drinks were “healthy.”  Instead of his customary eight cans of diet coke, he drank a glass of apple or orange juice.  Two weeks later, he was transported to the hospital after going into diabetic insulin shock.  Lesson learned, he reported: sugar is still sugar even when consumed in juice. 

Like my friend’s misplaced wellness effort, too many school, workforce, government, parent, community and individual wellness efforts fail from poor execution.  

Of course, let’s get on the wellness bandwagon and help others around you do the same.  To ensure that the effort is not wasted, however, let’s plan and act to promote the success of the effort by understanding clearly and specifically what needs to be done and putting in place all of the elements to support the success of the efforts.

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