Join PROJECT COPE: Coalition On Patient Empowerment

Project COPE: The Coalition On Patient Empowerment  brings together, shares and connects people, organizations, information and resources to promote awareness and collaboration, share ideas, tools and other solutions and other resources to help promote patient empowerment, heath care access, health care quality and health and health coverage operations in meaningful, tangible ways.  Its focus is little and big actions that help patients, providers, communities and others deal with or work within the health care system in the real world.

The Coalition For Responsible Health Care Policy provides a resource that concerned Americans can use to share, monitor and discuss the Health Care Reform law and other health care, insurance and related laws, regulations, policies and practices and options for promoting access to quality, affordable healthcare through the design, administration and enforcement of these regulations.

Making healthcare work and improving health care, its quality and affordability is everyone’s responsibility and everyone has a role to play.  That’s why we urge every American and American business, community and leader should join and participate in the PROJECT COPE:  Coalition on Patient Empowerment.

Congress can do things to influence who provides care, how health care is accessed, how much it costs and how these costs are paid.  While this can ease or raise barriers to care, patients, their caregivers and their heealth care teams still need help well beyond the power of regulators, payers or others to deliver.  These bureaucratic “saviors” :

  • Can’t prevent disease, illness or disabilities;
  • Can’t erase the personal disappointment, pain, fear, frustration or struggle of aging, illness, disability or death;
  • Can’t provide all the emotional support and encouragement patients and caregivers need to keep going;
  • Poorly provide the real time help to cover the babysitting, transportation and other help to organize or go the chores of daily living that patients and families need help with because they can’t get it all done;
  • Support on a day to day basis individuals to eat right, exercise and live healthier; or
  • So many other realities of trying to live well, with or without aging, disease or illness.

We all eventually need this help and all can do something to help.  Step up and pass it along.  Someday it will be your turn!

Congress will never get health care policy right until regular people and health providers and the employers and communities caring for them get informed and involved and no matter what, policy can’t fix healthcare completely.

This is one Policy Debate too important to you, your family and your community to sit out or act on tag lines. Get informed and share your specific ideas and thoughts about the Act and your other input on what our health care system should look like going forward, how these proposals relate and the other reforms you believe Congress should make to build a better healthcare system for today that can survive into the future by joining the discussion in the Solutions Law Press, Inc. Coalition for Responsible Health Care Policy LinkedIn Group.

To review or receive the Health Care Update, learn or get involved with the Coalition on Responsible Health Policy or its PROJECT COPE: The Coalition on Patient Empowerment, or participate in discussions in a Solutions Law Press, Inc.™ LinkedIn Group or for other information about Solutions Law Press, Inc™ resources and services, see


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