About PROJECT COPE Coalition on Patient Empowerment & The Coalition on Responsible Health Policy

About Project COPE: Coalition On Patient Empowerment & Its Coalition on Responsible Health Policy

Project COPE: The Coalition on Patient Empowerment (Project COPE) and the Coalition on Responsible Health Policy (Coalition) are Solutions Law Press, Inc.™- sponsored public policy and community service knowledge and solutions-building projects that focus on identifying, promoting and supporting better awareness, understanding, collaboration and teamwork, public and private policies and practices, skills, resources, support and tools and other understanding, collaboration and actions to help ill, disabled or aging Americans, their families and caregivers, healthcare and disability service providers, employers, insurers, communities and community organizations, government agencies and officials and policymakers and other stakeholders individually and collectively to understand, plan for and cope with their challenges and responsibilities in responding to illness, aging and disabilities.

About Project COPE: The Coalition On Patient Empowerment 

Project COPE focuses on working to empower and motivate ill, disabled and aging individuals, their families and caregivers, employers, health care and disability services providers, communities and community services agencies, government and government agencies and others to better and more effectively plan for and cope with their own challenges and responsibilities by developing and promoting the use of understanding, practical tools and resources, communication, organization, collaboration and teamwork and other skills and abilities that aid them to better cope with the realities of their responsibilities and roles for caring for or dealing with ill, disabled or aging individuals or their family or caregivers.  Activities include:

  • Educating and helping individuals and organizations to understand their own and the abilities, resources, responsibilities and challenges of the others involved in caring for or dealing with ill, disabled or aging individual and his family and caregivers;
  • Developing, sharing and encouraging the use of resources like our “Building Your Family’s Health Care Toolkit” and training, “PlayForLife” resources for helping to plan low-cost wellness programs in workplace, school, church or other communities, health care teamwork and communication education, and other process improvement, compliance and other training and education, needs assessment and planning, practical organizational, skill building, care coordination and management, communication and other tools and strategies that help patients and their caregivers, employers, health care providers, payers, communities, governmental leaders and other develop and improve their own understanding and coping skills for dealing with illness, disability or aging;
  • Working with all parties to improve their understanding and knowledge, effective communication, teamwork, collaboration to better plan for and cope with their own challenges and responsibilities of planning for and caring for themselves or others impacted by illness, aging or disability and work together collaboratively to meet these challenges and leverage these opportunities individually and collectively; and
  • Hosting,  helping to organize, providing or helping to identify speakers or other resources for conferences, workshops, and other events and activities that help to promote communication, organization, collaboration, planning and other skills and understanding that providers, patients and their caregivers, employers, health plans, communities, the government or others can use to better plan for or meet needs and challenges associated with caring for ill, aging or disabled individuals;
  • Working with disease management organizations, health care providers and organizations, employers, insurers and communities to understand and better meet various challenges of dealing with illness, aging or disability on their responsibilities and activities; and
  • Providing platforms and other outlets for sharing and promoting awareness, collaboration and use of information, resources, and other resources; and
  • A host of other information exchanges, tool building and sharing, team building and other activities.

For information about how you can arrange for training on “Building Your Family’s Health Care Toolkit,”  using the “PlayForLife” resources to organize low-cost wellness programs in your workplace, school, church or other communities, and other process improvement, compliance and other training and other resources for health care providers, employers, health plans, community leaders and others, see here.

About the PROJECT COPE Coalition For Responsible Health Policy

The Coalition acknowledges that public policy faces significant demands from and has broad reaching impact on ill, disabled and aging individuals and their family or other caregivers, as well as friends and neighbors, taxpayers, employers, benefit plans and insurers, health care and disability service providers, communities and community organizations, social service and other governmental agencies, and others within our society.  The Coalition recognizes that all members and components of our society all are impacted by, bear responsibility for, and play a critical role in planning for, providing and helping to cope individually and collectively with illness, aging and disabilities in our families and communities.  The believes that finding the best answers to these challenges lies in encouraging all Americans to become more educated on and knowledgably participate in defining and prioritizing the challenges and options through which our society, its health care systems, communities and families promote wellness and disease management and address and pay the costs of caring for ill, disabled, and aging members of our society.  Accordingly, the Coalition For Responsible Health Care Policy seeks to promote the development and implementation of synergistic statutory, regulatory, funding, enforcement and other healthcare, disability, aging and other policy by encouraging constructive awareness, understanding, involvement, vetting and input, consensus building, and other participation among other stakeholders throughout the process through a variety of activities including:

  • Publication and dissemination of blogs, updates, alerts, articles, white papers, presentations, assessments, commentary, data, toolkits, proposed strategies, opportunities and strategies and other resources or perspectives from Solutions Law Press, Inc.™ authors, contributing authors and other sources;
  • Hosts and facilitates access by other organizations to Solutions Law Press, Inc.™ or other thought leaders or other speakers or resources, and provides other collaboration, consultation, and assistance to others to design, host, identify and secure resources, disseminate information or otherwise organize and present briefings, teleconferences, webinars, seminars, panel and other dialogues or discussions, meetings with regulators, elected officials or other leaders, and other events and activities offering thought leadership, education, opportunities for dialogue or other input, or perspectives or other stakeholder information, tools or resources in relation to existing or proposed health, disability and other legislative, regulatory, enforcement or other public policy activities and proposals potentially or actually impacting various stakeholders;
  • Encourages, provides and shares information about opportunities for stakeholders to receive or engage in respectful, constructive sharing, discussion and collaboration on various public policy proposals and concerns by joining and participating in social media and other discussion platforms, activities or events hosted, participated in or identified by Solutions Law Press, Inc.™ or others; and
  • Offers fee-based and other education, training, coaching, consultation and other services and resources to assist stakeholders to plan or present events or other activities; assess, develop and draft legislative or regulatory proposals, comments, testimony or other policy positions; identify and develop strategic relationships alliances or other points of collaboration with stakeholders, regulators, elected officials or others; and other governmental affairs, public relations and other assistance and support with monitoring, providing input and responding to regulatory and other public policy developments and concerns; and other governmental and public affairs and public relations consultation, thought leadership, resources and services;

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