Tell Congress What You Want On Health Reform

Health care reform is not dead as widely reported in mainstream media following Speaker Ryan’s announcement a few weeks ago that the House of Representatives would not vote on the America Health Care Act (AHCA) proposed  Congress adopt as the first in a series of legislative and regulatory actions to replace or reform the increasingly unpopular and expensive Obamacare healthcare reforms enacted during President Obama Administration under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Many reforms are still under discussion and some inevitably will happen if for no reason other than the rising budget cost and cost and other disruptions of Obamacare and other reforms make it unavoidable.  

As these reforms almost certainly will impact your family’s health care and pocketbook in very real and unavoidable ways, every eligible voter in the United States should get informed and tell Congress his or her preferences and priorities for health care reform.

This author’s family in 2017 must pay over $3000 per month $3600+ per year) for coverage plus a $5000 per person deductible to have coverage where tge network of providers constantly shrinks to include fewer and ever lower quality providers and the payer denies or only pays for coverage after wasting patient and provider time and money on baseless questioning of care and billings Have other cares or concerns about U.S. healthcare policy as it impacts the U.S. healthcare system? What’s your experience?

SPEAK UP EARLY AND OFTEN about Obamacare premiums?  Frustrated about the difficulties Republicans experienced in their efforts to pass the

Whether or not today’s planned House of Representative vote on the much-embattled AHCA garners the necessary votes to pass the House and go on to be considered by the Senate, budgetary pressures upon Congress and the states, soaring employer and individual premiums, constriction of plan choices and growing provider access issues experienced by many Americans around the country will keep the pressure on Congress enact additional health care and health insurance reforms.  These healthcare system challenges and the proposed reform not only impact every individual in American, his family, his employer and his community, they also shape the need and possibilities, if any, for tax relief and reform and a multitude of other anticipated policy reforms. Consequently, whether or not the House passes the AHCA today, Congress almost certainly will continue to debate, and ultimately at some point today or in the future, enact additional health reforms if for no other reason that it cannot afford not to take some action.

Get informed and involved by joining and sharing your specific ideas and thoughts about the Act and your other input on what our health care system should look like going forward, how these proposals relate and the other reforms you believe Congress should make to build a better healthcare system for today that can survive into the future by joining the discussion in the Solutions Law Press, Inc. Coalition for Responsible Health Care Policy LinkedIn Group

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